​The Church “Sveta Nedelya”

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It’s a religious place for quiet and respectful visitors – for the people inside will be praying and venerating the icons.

​The Church “Sveta Nedelya”, Sofia
​The Church “Sveta Nedelya”, Sofia © Alexander Savov, Bulphoto
​The Church “Saint Sofia”

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​The Church “Saint Sofia”

The Bulgarian capital was named Sofia (Divine Wisdom), after this lovely building raised in a place that has been considered holy since time immemorial.

If you want to light a candle – the high candle platforms are for the living, and the lower candle platforms – full of sand - are for the diseased. In order to visit, you should be dressed modestly and by no means provocatively. It’s worth getting in - the interior is simply beautiful – breathtaking colorful frescoes, impressive religious artefacts. It’s the perfect place to just sit, and relax and delight in the spiritual atmosphere. A beautifully decorated building, Sveta Nedelya is covered floor to ceiling in paintings and murals. The main focus of the religious depictions inside is on the Virgin Mary.

It’s hard to believe this place had a terrifying event in its history – the attempt of assassination of the Bulgarian King in 1925, which tragically ended with the death of more than a 100 people, but the King himself stayed alive, for he was late for the General ’s funeral. The main goal of the attack was to liquidate the military and political elite of the country. Still, Sveta Nedelya (meaning Saint Sunday) remains one of the favorites of all religious sites in Sofia.