​The Church “Saint Sofia”


The Bulgarian capital was named Sofia (Divine Wisdom), after this lovely building raised in a place that has been considered holy since time immemorial.

Basilica of Hagia Sofia
Basilica of Hagia Sofia © Klearchos Kapoutsis from Paleo Faliro, Greece

A historical treasure – the church venerating Hagia Sophia (Saint Sofia) is one of the oldest churches in Bulgaria. Under the floor of the church, there is a museum – an impressive necropolis, which lies beneath it: tombs from the time when Bulgaria was converted to Christianity - a monotheistic religion. Nowadays the church has got no bell tower – but smart preacher men have hung the bell on a high centuries-old tree in the yard, which gives the church an enchantment of its own.

The temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times – having witnessed the history of Sofia for 15 centuries – carrying a plenty of stories inside it. Most people are impressed with the ruins of the crypt below the church itself. There is a small fee for visitors to the underground floor – but all is good - there is a discount for old people. You will feel mesmerized by this church’s simple beauty presented fabulously to all admirers of history and Romanesque architecture. A baptism or a wedding could be going on. You will feel privileged to be present in this amazing old church at a ritual inherent to this culture’s life.

"Hagia Sophia", engraving from 1878