A second outdoor archaeological park opens in Sofia

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Tomorrow opens the second open-air archaeological park in Sofia. This is the park of the Early Christian mausoleum in South Park, on the side of the quarter. "Lozenets", Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova, who attended the opening of the park, told journalists.

© Hristo Kasabov, BTA

We have been working for several years, and the studies in this area have been done for decades, Fandakova said. She added that it was very important to finish the studies, to expose and therefore to socialise this extremely interesting asset for Sofia.

The park will be free to enter and open from 10:00 am, closing at 5:00 pm in the winter months and 7:00 pm in the summer months.

According to the mayor, this is a park that has all the conditions for children, adults and tourists. It will have free access, open from 10:00, closing at 17:00 in the winter months and at 19:00 in the summer months, explained Fandakova. The park has a visitor centre, a special room for children, a playground and an information centre of the Regional History Museum Sofia. This is another branch, there will be a person from the museum here all the time, Fandakova added.

We continue to invest in cultural and historical heritage, the mayor said, adding that this was a very important priority for her. It is no coincidence that in the Culture programme we have set a special priority under which we could finance such projects, Fandakova added.