​The Triangle of Tolerance

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This is the great pride and glory of Sofia. In a space of less than a square kilometer, we can see the biggest Synagogue on the Balkans, the biggest Orthodox Temple on the Balkans, and the elegant Mosque Banya Bashi – also one of the biggest on the peninsula.

We will have the chance to witness how the representatives of almost any religious denomination in Bulgaria are praying practically next to each other. Our tolerance knows no boundaries. On the inside of this triangle, shoulder to shoulder exist refugees, Muslims, communists, provincials, native Sofians, and gypsies – they do not obstruct each other – and that’s not all – they depend on each other to a great extent.

The religious architecture of Sofia, and especially the Triangle of Tolerance, testifies that different religions can cohabit peacefully for centuries. It’s advisory to visit this space, in order to feel the pulse of Sofia – such a tolerant and multicultural city! When visiting, you should respect the traditions of different religions. When you enter The Mosque Banya Bashi, you have to remove your shoes, and women should cover their hair – but all’s good - there are various robes and scarfs available so that the visitors may enter modestly dressed.