The fortress Serdica

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Just imagine: The dynamic metropolis of Sofia lies upon an ancient city. This city of Serdika was built in 2000 BC by the Serdi – a Celtic tribe inhabiting Thrace, who settled in the area with the mineral springs.

Fortress Ulpia Serdica, Insula No 1

Fortress Ulpia Serdica, Insula No 1

© Alexander Savov, Bulphoto

In 100 AD, the city was conquered by the Romans. Wherever Romans ruled, they left behind them amazing stronghold structures. Serdika was the favorite city of Constantine, the Great, who was famous for the expression: “Serdika is my Rome!” This fortress is one of the most prominent structures, in the first centuries of Roman rule. A large part of Serdika lies underneath Sofia’s buildings. In the very heart of Sofia, the archeologists have opened for our gates to the past.

There are 80 Amphitheaters around the world and one of the biggest was in Serdika – historical and cultural heritage in Sofia, because of which, the capital of Bulgaria can measure itself with Athens and Rome. The amphitheater was an imposing building, it could host around 3200 people, therefore archeologists have reasons to believe that the Second Ecumenical Council took place there. For those fascinated with history will be amazed at how much has been preserved and beautifully exposed to the visitors.

Fortress Ulpia Serdica, Western Gateway

Fortress Ulpia Serdica, Western Gateway

© Alexander Savov, Bulphoto

Ulpia Serdica

Eastern Gateway

Western Gateway

Northern Gateway

Triangle Turret

Northeastern Turret


Insula № 1

Insula № 2

St. Sofia Basilica

St. George Rotunda

City Council (Bouleutherion)

Building with octagon east of St George

Southern building with octagon

Building with stores

Building south of St George Church

Building with rotunda

Building with yard


Fortress Ulpia Serdica

Fortress Ulpia Serdica

© Alexander Savov, Bulphoto