The National Museum of History


The National Museum of History is the largest of its kind in Bulgaria. This is a very interesting museum, definitely worth a visit if you want to discover the history of this fascinating country.

It has got an excellent area with national costumes, artifacts and objects of the religious history – wonderfully presented. A broad collection of more than 650000 objects represents Bulgarian ancient history, rich past and diverse culture. The exhibition begins from prehistoric ages, displays Bulgaria’s ancient kingdoms, the Ottoman yoke and the struggle for national liberation.

There are portraits and belongings of national heroes and leaders of the revolution and fighters for independence. The vast structure stands alone in a sprawling green area, with a view of the mountain, and the inside is equally dramatic – with its ornate wooden ceilings and chandeliers, and the brilliant collection it hosts.

Some visitors would describe the marvelous museum as “oh my goodness - the best thing to do in Sofia!” Make sure you visit the Boyana Church – governed by the Museum – so spare a minimum of 3 hours to enjoy both. All in all, they hold a good surprise for the visitors, and a good lesson of history, and a real spiritual adventure.

Individual visits:

  • Entrance fee for individual visitors – 10.00 lv.
  • For students – 1.00 lv.
  • For visitors with children – 3.00 lv., for children over 7 years – 1.00 lv.

Address: 1618 Sofia, Vitoshko lale 16 str.

Public Transport:
Bus №63
Bus №111
Trolleybus №2