The Church-Rotunda "St. George"

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On the 6th of May, every year all Bulgarian people celebrate the day of St. George the Victorious. It is an official holiday and a day of the Bulgarian army – a holy, divine day, in which black thoughts run away from people. St. George, the Saint-Martyr suffered in Minor Asia during the third century, ruled by Emperor Diocletian.

The Church-Rotunda "St. George", Sofia
The Church-Rotunda "St. George", Sofia © Alexander Savov, Bulphoto

The Orthodox Church prays to St. George in a carol: A rescuer of captives, and defender of the poor, a healer of the feeble, and fighter against kings, Victorious, Great Martyr George – pray to Christ, the Lord to save our souls!

Voted a monument of culture by UNESCO, the Rotunda “St.George” is the oldest, completely preserved structure of its kind in Sofia. This tiny church has got frescoes of the evangelists, prophets, and the nativity. It has got 5 layers of frescoes on its inner walls. It was the glory of Serdika when the place was one of the most influential and biggest Roman cities on the Balkan Peninsula. For 1500 years the Church has witnessed all kinds of Christian rituals, holy gatherings and has had its major part in the celebrations of the Bulgarian people. It is an inspiration to historians, artists, believers and even ordinary passers-by.

The Church-Rotunda "St. George"
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