St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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This majestic monument, symbolic of Sofia, was raised and decorated by virtue of the patriotic decision of the first National Assembly.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia © Alexandr Bormotin,

The church was created with the assiduousness and the voluntary contribution of the entire Bulgarian people in order to demonstrate its brotherly love and deep appreciation for the Great Russian people. Prince Alexander Nevsky, who was canonized as a saint, was the great warrior and the talented diplomat, who united Russia. In 1998 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church received from the Russian Orthodox Church some of the holy relics of the patron Saint.

© Stanislav Traykov

In 1953 the temple was announced by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church as a Patriarch Cathedral. With its size and decoration – nowadays the temple-monument can compete with the famous cathedrals in the entire world. It features 82 icons and 247 depictions of saints, apostles and great martyrs. It does not matter whether you are into arts, religion, history or merely looking for meaning in life – you have to see this cathedral. With its golden dome it glistens in the sunshine and attracts the visitors from around the world. A breathtaking sight, which makes Bulgarians feel considerable joy and pride – at night decorated by light it gives everyone goosebumps.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Sveti Aleksandar Nevski Sq., 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
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