Park “Vrana” / Vrana Palace


There are plenty of lovely parks in Bulgaria and this is one of them. It’s adorned by a lovely castle, water fountains and a lot of benches perfect for a Sunday enjoyment of the scenery.

The garden features a variety of flowers and plants from all around the world. During the night – beautiful lights enliven the place. Many Sofians, especially couples, escape from the capital here on weekends, because it is wonderful for a walk – one of the most romantic places in Sofia.

You might be even lucky to visit the place for an open-air classical concert in front of the palace and it is going to be fabulous. It’s a great place for photo and video sessions. You can spend here a whole summer day with your picnic basket full of treats. You can never imagine Park Vrana even exists – if you don’t see it for yourself – peaceful, beautiful, and tranquil. It’s the place where Bulgarian Kings from the 20th century enjoyed some of their pastimes and refreshed their senses from the city atmosphere.

Visitors describe it as “the cleanest, calmest park in Sofia, with the biggest variety of flora.” Bottom-line – if you need to spend time away from the noise and the rush of the city – this is it.

Open hours:
Saturday 10AM–4PM
Sunday 10AM–4PM

Vrana Palace, Sofia
Vrana Palace, Sofia © Noncho Iliev, Wikipedia