​National Theater "Ivan Vazov"


Named after one of the most celebrated Bulgarian poets, the National Theater “Ivan Vazov” (Naroden teatar „Ivan Vazov“) with its conspicuous building in the Neo-Baroque style is one of the iconic and most beloved places in Sofia.

National Theater "Ivan Vazov"

National Theater "Ivan Vazov"

© Alexander Savov, Bulphoto

Described by visitors as "a beautiful building, beautiful both outside and inside, impressive and comfortable" - the National Theater is known to be the oldest one in Bulgaria. The stunning building has got marble columns and lavishly decorated façade – it’s a main landmark of the city, in the very heart of Sofia, situated near to all other landmarks. It has even been depicted as an ornament on the Bulgarian 50-levs banknote.

The National Theater looks splendid in the winter nights – there are holiday decorations all around the building and nearby you can delight in a mug of mulled wine. Imagine a dashing small park, with cafe, benches, fountains, areas for kids play and in the middle of it all – the enchanting National Theater.

But if the building is so great, the actors are simply amazing. Ah, the balcony! Spectacular! This place is sizzling with culture and events, and the fond memories it creates for lovers of theater is the reason this is one of the best-beloved places in Sofia.

© Wengen by Pixabay

Bulgarian National Theater " Ivan Vazov"
ul. "Dyakon Ignatiy" 5, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
phone: +359 2 811 9227