The Vitosha Mountain


Sofia (and Bulgaria) is an excellent travel destination with lovely weather, friendly people, tasty food and interesting sights. However, Sofians take most pride in their lovely mountain retreat – Vitosha – the most visited mountain terrain in the country.

Vitosha is the perfect experience for the lovers of wild forest and crispy air. You will love it, even if it is slightly raining. This picturesque site can be viewed from the city – it has got a fantastic enchantment and locals are very happy with it. There is also unbelievable view from the mountain top to the city.

Vitosha has got a small waterfall, hidden among the rocks and fabulous places to eat French fries and drink herbal tea. Some say it’s best to visit in winter, when the mountain is a snow miracle, for all the lovers of ski and other winter sports. Especially, if you come from a place, where it never snows – visiting can be really exciting to you. Some people take the ski lift to the top of the mountain – for the amazing scenery. The only disadvantage of this spot is that it can get pretty crowded – for everyone goes up after a week of professional endeavors.

For a day trip – Vitosha (Sofia) is well worth it!

Golden Bridges (Zlatnite Mostove) - Vitosha, Sofia
Golden Bridges (Zlatnite Mostove) - Vitosha, Sofia © Alexander Savov, Bulphoto

Zlatnite Mostove

Golden Bridges (Zlatnite Mostove) is the largest stone river on Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. The feature is situated in the valley of Vladayska River, extending 2.2 km, and up to 150 m wide, with several ‘tributary’ stone rivers. The stone river is ‘descending’ from elevation 1800 m above sea level in Boeritsa Chalet area to 1410 m at Zlatnite Mostove site. The lower extremity of the stone river is known as Zlatnite Mostove site, a popular tourist destination accessible from Sofia by road.

These Golden Bridges features in the film The Contract (2006 film) starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack.